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The Super Chief…Train of the Stars – Stan Repp


First Edition: 1980

Publisher: Golden West Books
ISBN: 0870950819
Dust jacket intact
Book is clean and in excellent condition
Some browning of the deck evident
No inscriptions or markings

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Time has a way of fogging things and a train, even a great and famous train, can be obscured in the haze of years gone by.

Surveys show that many of today’s readers – airliner and automobile oriented – have only vague impressions of older trains; in many instances, they are all but unaware of what they looked like. Few, if any, of those readers have ever been on a train, least of all, one that ran over forty years ago.

The author is cognizant of this lack of familiarity and so it is that he offers, for inspection, earnestly and affectionately,the legendary Super Chief. May this meeting of reader and train be easy, unhurried, and, most assuredly, worthwhile.

Stan Repp was, at one time, called, much to his pleasure, a “one-man latter-day promotion team” for the Super Chief. In accepting that devotive laurel wreath, he is mindful of the responsibility that goes with the accolade, and accordingly, presents this book as his best effort at time-laps recollection in revealing a Great American Train of the past . . . the Santa Fe Railway’s Super Chief.

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