Last of the Curlews – Fred Bodsworth


Edition: 1966

Publisher: Longmans, Green & Co Ltd
Dust jacket intact
Book is clean and in good condition
No significant page browning evident
Very small personal inscription on first inner page

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Illustrated by T. M. Shortt. – A solitary Eskimo curlew sets out on a last perilous migration and search for a mate. The lone survivor comes to stand for the entirety of a lost species.

The story follows the bird throughout a year during its migration to South America and return to the Canadian Arctic in search of a mate. Although somewhat anthropomorphic in parts, the book paints a realistic and detailed picture of this bird’s life and behaviour.

The book was made into an animated film by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The English original version was narrated by Ross Martin, who became famous as the Artemus Gordon character in the original version of The Wild Wild West. This film was first shown in October 1972 as the very first ABC Afterschool Special. It was given an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programming in 1973.


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