The King of Sea Diamonds – Roger Williams


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First Edition: 1996

Publisher: W.J. Flesch & Partners
ISBN: 094998969X
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The saga of Sam Collins. – If you are looking for a book on diamonds loaded with tables of production statistics and technical details, this book is not for you. However, if you enjoy reading historical accounts about the men who shaped today’s mining industry and have an interest in diamonds, you will enjoy this book. Roger Williams, a seasoned South African journalist, sets out to tell the story of Sam Collins. Collins was a Texan oilman who came to South Africa in the early 1960s and led the development of off-shore diamond mining, principally in Namibian waters.

Born in Beaumont, Texas, Collins made his early fortune mainly through pioneering the development of undersea pipeline technology for the oil industry. As an out-fall of that work, his companies became expert in the use of mining gravel underwater by the use of airlifts, a technology he would later apply to diamond recovery. The presence of off-shore diamonds had been known for some time but during the late 1950s it was believed that it would not be economic to mine them. Companies such as De Beers had looked into the feasibility of exploring for and mining off-shore diamonds but had rejected the notion.

Little was known about the possible size of the resource base. This, coupled with the formidable ocean conditions found along the skeleton coast, was enough to keep the South African mining houses convinced that off-shore mining was not viable. Believing that his technological expertise would allow him to bring diamonds to the surface, Collins began a major and high risk effort to determine whether or not diamonds were present in sufficient quantities to justify a mining operation. Alongside the telling of the 5 year period in which Collins identified the first major oft-shore diamond fields and built, operated, and in some cases saw wrecked, proto-type diamond mining.

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