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Jutland 1916 – John Costello and Terry Hughes


The biggest navy battle in history occurred off the coast of Jutland in the afternoon of 31 May 1916 when the German High Seas Fleet confronted a six-mile lane of grey-steel dreadnoughts of the British Great Fleet. In this momentous ‘Clash of Titans’ more than 200 warships of the rival navies were involved in a series of bitterly fought actions that lasted throughout the night. The result could determine the course of the First World War; as Churchill put it, ‘Britain could have lost the war in an afternoon.’
First Edition: 1976

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Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Dust jacket intact
Book is clean and in good condition
Newspaper clippings and signed as gift to soldier that was in war? – Cdr Henry Burrows

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