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The Lion – Joseph Kessel


First Published Second Impression: 1959

Publisher: Rupert Hart-Davis
Dust jacket intact
Book is clean and in good condition
No significant page browning evident
Small name inscription on inner page

First Published second edition

1 in stock


Patricia has a rare gift to communicate with animals, and thinks she can control everything. She is popular with both animals and people. The story is narrated through a French man on a visit to Kenya. The plot of the story revolves around the friendship between Patricia and a lion called King, whom Patricia raised since he was a cub. Ouriounga, a teenage Maasai, who wishes to marry Patricia, decides to prove his worth by killing a lion to gain her respect, as is custom in his tribe. However the lion he chooses is King. The novel was translated into English by Peter Green and was made into a movie starring William Holden in 1962.

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Weight 560 g

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